CB-KTNGOCarrying Pouch


Custom Pouch for KATANA:GO

Filled with premium BOSS guitar and bass tones, the compact KATANA:GO headphone amplifier makes it easy to practice with inspiring sound everywhere you travel. The stylish and durable CB-KTNGO pouch provides a protective home for your KATANA:GO, along with room for a charging cable, earbuds, and other small items.

Standard Features

  • Custom carrying pouch for KATANA:GO
  • Durable polyester exterior materials
  • Soft velvet interior and internal mesh pocket
  • Moveable internal divider for flexible storage
  • Cable tie with the BOSS logo
  • Heavy-duty zipper with custom BOSS pull
  • Also works as a carrying solution for the compact BOSS WL-20/WL-20L and WL-30XLR wireless systems

Practice Everywhere with KATANA:GO

The palm-size KATANA:GO delivers a high-quality BOSS sound experience for jamming and practicing anytime and anywhere. With its padded design and rugged materials, the CB-KTNGO pouch keeps the headphone amp safe and secure until it’s time for the next playing session.


A Place for Everything

The CB-KTNGO pouch provides a main pocket for KATANA:GO and its charging cable, and there’s a convenient cable tie to keep things tidy. There’s also a mesh pocket in the lid, perfect for stowing earbuds, picks, and other small accessories. The internal divider in the main pocket can be adjusted or removed to carry alternate items, such as the compact BOSS WL-20/WL-20L and WL-30XLR wireless systems.

Compatible Models
Main Material
Size and Weight
Dimensions (excluding protruding parts)
125 x 90 x 50 mm
4-15/16 x 3-9/16 x 2 inches
70 g
3 oz
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.



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