Premium edition Waza Craft pedal

The Art of Superior Tone

Since the beginning, the engineers at BOSS have been committed to achieving the finest guitar tones using any technology necessary, from old-school analog circuits to high-tech DSP. Continuing this enthusiastic spirit, we are pleased to introduce the new Waza Craft series. In Japan, “Waza” is the term for art and technique, and these special edition pedals proudly carry the Waza symbol to represent the pinnacle of BOSS design and craftsmanship. Being made in Japan, the Waza Craft series brings you exceptional tone and touch response through carefully-selected analog components, refined circuitry, and meticulous attention to detail.

WAZA CRAFT Interview with
BOSS technical team

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WAZA CRAFT Sound Tryout

Get interactive with our custom TonePedia player and explore hundreds of sound variations. Select your player/guitar, choose your riff, tweak the pedal settings, and even try different amps.
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WAZA CRAFT Special Edition

Discover all the WAZA Craft Pedals

  • DC-2w Dimension C

    The Iconic Dimension Effect,
    Reborn with Waza Craft

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  • Mt-2W Metal Zone

    A High-Gain Icon, Evolved
    with Waza Innovation

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  • TU-3W Chromatic Tuner

    The Leading Stompbox Tuner, Refined with
    Waza Expertise

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  • CE-2W Chorus

    The World’s First Chorus Sounds,
    Reborn with Waza Craft

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  • BD-2W Blues Driver

    Responsiveness Outshined with
    a Modernized Vintage Vibe

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  • VB-2W Vibrato

    True Vibrato Expression, Reborn with
    Waza Innovation

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  • DM-2W Delay

    Now, the Legendary Analog Delay Is Back
    with a Modern Edge

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  • SD-1W Super Over Drive

    The Sweet Overdrive Tone Has
    a Prime Redesign

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